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  • Branding, communication & identity


    210KG lifts brands to maximise their potential in the market place.

    Founded by a successful entrepreneur and an award-winning creative team, we pride ourselves on providing both style and purpose to our clients.

  • Sapp at Jumbo and Marqt

    Together with Smart Ice we created Sapp. 100% pure and always vitamin fresh juices straight from the freezer. Made possible by their revolutionary freezing technology. The smaller packs are designed and uniquely packed like real oranges, with a label and orange net. Ontdooi & enjoy!


  • Over half a million YouTube views

    Yes, we just hit the 500,000 views mark on YouTube with our latest commerical for Magine TV Sweden, which we created together with Brandactivist Berlin and director Daniel Bruce. Maarten van den Biggelaar, Partner 210KG: "Making someone laugh is a tricky job. Luckily we managed, even without a CG-baby. Haha."

  • Collaboration Thrill Grill & Ecodenta

    Popular restaurant chain Thrill Grill by Robert Kranenborg is known for its amazing burgers grilled on charcoal. We united them with Ecodenta (part of BIOK laboratorija, the leading producer of beauty care cosmetics in the Baltic States with more than 170 different products.




    Ecodenta just happens to sell amazing Black Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste. Together with them we created a unique and unexpected sampling project: For the love of oral pleasure. A smart introduction into the Dutch market, surprising all guests of TG Amsterdam, Haarlem and TIlburg.

    Check http://www.biok.lt/ecodenta-BLACK-WHITENING-TOOTHPASTE


  • 210KG for Linkedin

    How's business? Well, we're excited to be lifting LinkedIn. Starting with a global internal campaign kicking off in 2017. Like.


  • NEW animation for European brand Stromma

    For Swedish sightseeing expert Stromma Netherlands we created a fresh new animation. A new (but familiar) fleet on the Amsterdam and Utrecht Canals and streets, creating Lifelong Memories.


  • Magically lifting Amsterdam Magic Show

    For Amsterdam Magic Show we waved our creative wand to instantly lift their branding. New photography, conceptual design, new tagline. Pretty huh, right? :-)


  • UvA 385 anniversary campaign

    Congrats to the University of Amsterdam with it's 385th birthday! We are honored to create this festive campaign to be rolled out this whole year . Roger Matena, Partner 210KG: "To a(nother) great and joyous year!"


  • Lifting uk brand Boxfresh

    We're proud to be lifting British streetwear brand Boxfresh (owned by the Pentland Group). It has always been super vocal about its British identity, but we will be focusing more on the great cities all over the world, the architecture, the cultures and the energy. To be continued. 


  • 210KG lifting Thrill Grill

    For Robert Kranenborg's organic burger brand Thrill Grill we created a total new identity. Lots more creative stuff coming up in 2017. www.thrillgrill.nl

  • Be One selects 210KG

    Dutch fashion chain Be One, with 15 stores nationwide, chose to work with us. New logo's & identity, communications, POS and brand activation, the whole mix. Gordana Lucic, Partner 210KG: "A whole new makeover. Yeah, we're pretty excited and happy to now become their long term partner."


  • Iankovitch Clinic chooses 210KG

    Iankovitch, one of Europe's most exclusive (and conscious) dental clinics chose 210KG as its creative agency.




    Olga Iankovitch, owner and aesthetic dental specialist says 'These guys have impressed me right from the start. I've been looking for the right agency for years and I feel 210KG really understands my needs.' www.iankovitch.nl

  • QWIC appoints 210KG as lead creative agency

    We are excited to announce that QWIC has chosen to work with us because of our strong creativity in brand lifting capabilities. And honestly, we’re equally impressed by their sprightly and ambitious style. 




    It’s the market leader in the fast growing electric scooter market and top 10 e-bike seller. Check www.qwic.nl

  • Latest campaign for the UvA

    Last November our new 'Doubt is a great start' for the UvA's Bachelor's Day 2014 was launched, both national and international. Photography again by David Cohen de Lara. www.uva.nl/bachelorsday




  • hp10.jpg


    Not just any burger brand, so therefore we created not just any menu. The new Thrill Grill campaign kicked off with a 12 page newspaper menu...looking damn cool. Thrilling new burgers by Michelin star chef Robert Kranenborg and photography by one of the hottest photography talents, Whitney Irokromo. 


  • Introducing BigSolar

    BigSolar is a unique startup with ambitious plans. They wanna give everyone in the Netherlands the opportunity to get solar panels...by offering solar panel lease. We created the 'Homemade Energy' campaign, because well...what's better than homemade? Great images by ALEK. www.bigsolar.nl


  • hp12.jpg


    One of the first things we came up with for Brouwerij 'T IJ. It's the coolest organic beer brewery we know. And it's nice to know that the art of brewing is still alive and well in the Netherlands.




    For the University of Amsterdam we created a series of 30 second teaser films featuring UvA Bachelor students. This one portrays Lucie, philosophy student. 


  • Robin de Puy & 210KG for Van Kaam Law Firm

    Robin de Puy is seen as one of the biggest portrait photography talents in the Netherlands. We're really happy that she worked with us on our new 'Knowing both ends' campaign for Van Kaam advocaten, one of the most unrivaled IP & Media Boutique Law Firms in the Netherlands. www.van-kaam.nl


  • hp6-1.jpg_copy.jpg

    For the love of steak too

    For the love of burgers. For the love of Grilled Chicken and even For the love of Steak. Thrill Grill is enriching its fine dining menu and it tastes amazing! Yum.

  • Hans Bolleurs & 210KG

    Great artist and 210KG friend Hans Bolleurs created some amazing artworks based on our 210KG logo. We like! 

    Check www.wendyvansanten.com for some fantastic photography by Wendy van Santen and Hans Bolleurs.